Before you proceed ensure you’ve met all the admission requirements written here

A fee of N2,000.00 (two thousand naira only) is paid for the interview session while a request for application forms should be made to the institute and such request must be accompanied by bank draft of N3,000.00 (three thousand naira only) made payable to the institute with the candidates name, address.


  • * Courses fees are set at competitive rates and will be advised prior to commencement of courses. These fees will vary from course to course. For up to date course fees please refer to current course outline brochures.
  • * Please note that Uptonville Oil and Gas Institute may update fees and costs from time to time and it is recommended that potential students contact Iuptonville Oil and Gas Institute directly to ensure the most up to date information is obtained.
  • * Course fee can be paid by credit card, cash or via transfer methods (please contact Uptonville for further updates).
  • * Payment of course fees is required prior to commencement of the course.
  • * Account Details:- Uptonville Foundation – 1011511732 (UBA)
  • *The nature fo the guarantee given by Uptonville Oil and Gas assessment once the student has commenced study in their chosen qualification or course. Uptonville Oil and Gas Institute gives a guarantee that with the exception of unforeseen circumstances beyond their control, every effort will be made to deliver training and assessment services and meet desired qualification outcomes as agreed. Where cancellation has occurred prior to the commencement of a course due to organisational or external constraints that are no fault of the student all monies paid for the portion of study not yet completed are to be fully refunded.

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