About Uptonville

Uptonville Oil and Gas Institute was established on the 4th of February 2008. Her birth was informed by the consensus reached by the Technical and Vocational Educational Sector`s reform and particularly the Specifications Vocational Enterprise Institutions (VEIs) and Innovation Enterprise Institutions (IEIs) for an urgent need to establish institutions of learning that complement the existing ones with the aim of accommodating the ever increasing number of applicants, encouraging the private sector in the provision of such institution as well as bridge the between training provided by the already existing ones and the actual need of the people.

Having applied for and also given a license of approval from the National Board for Technical Education, Federal Ministry of Education, Uptonville Oil and Gas Institute was established out of a deep sense of need, desire and passion to mitigate the above challenges among other potentials.

Our Objectives

The millennium development goal for Africa indicates key areas of activity necessary for the achievement of a positive change in Africa. These areas, also believed to be necessary in the attainment of the same result in the Niger Delta and in the country as a whole are also the focus of Uptonville Oil & Gas Institute.

The objective of the institute therefore, is to provide an enabling learning environment for the attainment of the above goal - an environment where human resources are groomed for ministries, industries, the oil and banking sectors and entrepreneurship, bridging barriers created by unnecessary early parking lots for youngsters.

Mission Statement

To empower the youths through the general acquisition of high-level skills that would make the relevant in the society.

Our Vision

To see the comity of Nigeria youths as responsible, positively relevant, progressive and a formidable force to be reckoned with in all spheres of life in and outside the country, inspired by the institute`s motto.

Our Motto

As Astra PerAudua